Most people trying to quit weed fail within 2 weeks!

Two reasons:

1)  There are many types of marijuana produced today.  But the issue now is that much of it is twice as strong as it was just a decade ago, thus more addictive, and …

2)  Hardly anyone goes through a detox program for marijuana.  And that’s crazy, because detox is very important when it comes to trying to quit weed.  The chemicals in weed can stay in your body for a longer period of time than most other drugs.  As you may know, you can still get busted for using marijuana a month after you last lit up.  And other effects of weed, like the cravings it causes, can occur months later.  You really need to flush the toxins from your body if you want to quit weed for good.

The reason a drug test can still detect marijuana use a month later is that chemicals from the weed are stored in your fat cells.  They stay there and are slowly released back into your bloodstream.  This is why you can get a feeling of headaches, low energy, stomach pains, and even still feeling stoned, although you haven’t taken a hit for many days.

You still may have cravings to smoke more weed because your body still retains some effects from previous usage.  Until you get rid of all those toxins, your chances of quitting weed are not so great.  If all you are doing is relying on will power, good luck!

Some people think marijuana is physically addictive.  Others say it only creates a psychological addiction.  The truth is that it can be both.  And the reason many have a problem with quitting weed is that they are actually experiencing a strong physical withdrawal from the drug, thus creating a desire to relieve those symptoms, which smoking more weed does!  Now you’re in the vicious cycle of needing weed to help you stop using weed.  You can’t let this happen.

Quitting weed can cause physical symptoms like sluggishness, depression, hunger, not being able to sleep, or sapped of energy.  You must remove the stored toxins in your body that the weed you smoked left there.  This can alleviate the physical symptoms and cravings.  Dealing with your physical addiction makes it a lot easier on you than to fight your feelings, personal thoughts, and even demons that may have been created in your psychological addiction.

The bottom line:  You’ve got to really commit yourself to wanting to quit.  It’s all on YOU! Anyone wanting to quit must follow a fairly strict program that involves both body and mind.  I’ve found the only functional program that works and that doesn’t require going off to some detox center and costing you BIG bucks.  This program has been successful for thousands of former marijuana users who felt compelled to quit weed for their own health and welfare.  You can get access to it right here.  I wish you all the best in your efforts to start living a better life.  With the help of this program, your chances have greatly increased for your success.

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